Frequently asked questions

Do you provide Medical or Recreational Cannabis?

Under Maine State Law, The Green Approach can serve unlimited medical card holding patients. We can not server recreational cannabis.

Does your store sell recreational cannabis?

As of right now, The Green Approach only serves Medical Marijuana Patients.

What kinds of medicine do you carry?

We carry medicines with a variety of delivery systems. Our inventory consists of unique strains of marijuana for smoking and vaporizing, as well as edibles and tinctures for oral consumption. Our product line and selection is consistently changing to provide the latest popular varieties and exclusive strains.

Is there a limit to the amount of medicine I can buy at one time?

Yes. According to Maine State Law, a patient can purchase no more than 2.5oz of flower or concentrate.

What is the difference between medical and recreational cannabis?

Only licensed retail marijuana stores may sell recreational marijuana, and only to those 21 and older. Under Current Maine law there are no licensed recreational marijuana shops so you must have a med card to purchase cannabis legally. Medical marijuana requires a medical marijuana registry card. There are many health care provider in Maine who can help with getting you certified. Medical marijuana is also much more tailored towards the patients needs.

Can I consume marijuana in public?

No, it is illegal to consume marijuana in public. This includes but is not limited to areas accessible to the public such as transportation facilities, schools, amusement/sporting/music venues, parks, playgrounds, sidewalks and roads and outdoor and rooftop cafes. It is also illegal to smoke at indoor-but-public locations like bars, restaurants and common areas in buildings.

What do I need to bring to purchase products?

Patients will need to provide proof of State or Govt issued ID and valid medical marijuna certification.

If I live out of state, can I purchase from The Green Approach?

Patients will need a form of Maine State or Govt issued ID and a state medical marijuana certification. We are hoping to have more clarification on this matter soon. "Rules in the works" §2423-D. Authorized conduct by a visiting qualifying patient A visiting qualifying patient from another jurisdiction that authorizes the medical use of marijuana pursuant to a law recognized by the department who possesses a valid written certification as described in section 2423-B from the visiting qualifying patient's medical provider and a valid medical marijuana certification from that other jurisdiction and photographic identification or a driver's license from that jurisdiction may engage in conduct authorized for a qualifying patient under this chapter, except that a visiting qualifying patient may not: [2017, c. 452, §7 (AMD).] 1. Cultivate. Cultivate marijuana plants; [ 2017, c. 452, §7 (NEW) .] 2. Possess. Possess more than 2 1/2 ounces of harvested marijuana in a 15-day period; [ 2017, c. 452, §7 (NEW) .] 3. Transfer or furnish. Transfer or furnish harvested marijuana to another person; [ 2017, c. 452, §7 (NEW) .] 4. Obtain. Obtain harvested marijuana from a registered caregiver or dispensary unless the visiting qualifying patient has designated the registered caregiver or dispensary in order to have that caregiver or dispensary provide harvested marijuana to the visiting qualifying patient. A designation pursuant to this subsection must be in a standardized written document, developed by the department, and signed and dated by the visiting qualifying patient. The designation is valid for the term provided by the visiting qualifying patient's medical provider pursuant to section 2423-B. The document must include the signed acknowledgment of the registered caregiver or dispensary that the caregiver or dispensary may be contacted to confirm the designation of the caregiver or dispensary to provide harvested marijuana to the visiting qualifying patient. [ 2017, c. 452, §7 (NEW) .]

Can I play a round of golf at The Green Approach?

No, but we do hope to have a small disc golf course open in the future! We will have other lawn games, like corn hole, horshoes, etc. for those looking to unwind and relax on our beautiful property. We also have plenty of walking trials for everyone to enjoy.

Can I explore the land that surrounds The Green Approach?

Yes, there are walking trails that surround The Green Approach property that you are free to explore.

Is the Green Approach a medical marijuana retail storefront?

No, we consider The Green Approach to be a patient wellness location where you are getting product directly from the caregiver while enjoying the peaceful environment that surrounds us. Unde MMMP rules we are allowed to serve unlimited patients from our location without a retail license. We can not sell retail merchandise, just medical cannabis products.